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Dear Carent Patient:

We greatly appreciate your interest in our network of hospital laboratories. We realize that your insurance coverage and the bills you receive can be confusing. We are here to help you when you have a question. Please call our billing team at 844-214-7275 with questions about your bill or claim. If you’d rather send us a message with your question or comment you can use the fill-in blanks below and we’ll follow-up with you as quickly as we can.

Thank you for utilizing the services of the hospitals associated with Carent Laboratory Solutions.

Billing Inquiries: 844-214-7275
Question about your bill or a claim? If you are a patient or provider and would like to speak with someone in our customer service department about a bill or a claim, please call today.

Billing Fax: 678-459-0692
Send billing inquiries, updated health insurance information, payment inquiries, Explanation of Benefits (EOB), records requests, and letters from patients.

General Inquiries: 888-356-5227

Please help us protect your confidential information and do not include date of birth, social security number, or account numbers in your comments.